What happens if we are working on a structure and happen to fall an the tool gets trapped?

The system is designed to break away when a significant load is applied to the lanyard. This feature is to reduce the risk of users being pulled into moving machinery or being hung up on structures if a tool becomes entrapped. It is recommended that the system is not used on machinery whilst it is running; however in the case that it is the safety feature exists.

Do I need any special belts or equipment to use Klinch?

No! Klinch is made to fit on any standard tool belt, and can also be fastened to ladders, scaffolds, scissor lifts, or a variety of other equipment and structures. Klinch kits also come with wristbands for the wrist mounts.

Can I buy Klinch products in stores?

Klinch products are available through selected Industrial and Height Safety retailers all over Australia. To find a store near you please visit our stockists page.

Do Klinch products have a warranty or guarantee?

Klinch products are guaranteed against faulty workmanship for a period of three months from the date of purchase. Proof of purchase must be provided.

Why should I choose Klinch over other similar products?

Klinch has many benefits over traditional tool lanyards. It allows you to use multiple tools without the lanyards becoming entangled, and to switch the tools between your hands effortlessly. Klinch tool tethers are a wrist lanyard and fixed lanyard all in the one system, which remains connected at all times during tool changeover. The Klinch system does not rely on coiled or retractable cords which means the tools are not always trying to pull out of your hands. This allows the user to drop the tool when on the wrist mount, and use their fingers to do fine work whilst the tool is held hands free.

Who can use Klinch?

Anyone! Klinch was design specifically for industries like construction, abseiling, high rise building maintenance, and boating, but anyone who doesn't want to drop their tools or wants to secure tools safely can use a Klinch. Klinch can be used around your home for a variety of everyday tasks such as cleaning the gutters, painting, or gardening.