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About Us

About Klinch

What is a Klinch™ tool tether?
Klinch™ Tool Tethers is a revolutionary new system for connecting tools when working at heights. The system is designed to keep tools connected at all times and reduce the risk of tools being dropped on persons or property below.

Klinch™ system saves
• time in retrieving lost tools
• money in replacing tools that are lost or damaged

The Klinch™ System reduces
• risk of injury to workers below
• risk of damage to property or structures below
• time lost to shutdowns as a result of damage from falling tools or lost tools

Who is using Klinch?
The system has many applications areas where it is currently being used include – scaffolding and rigging, underwater diving, roofing, mining, window cleaning, signage installation and maintenance, food production, the wind turbine industry… the list goes on.

What makes the Klinch system so innovative and different?
The Klinch system is the best system for securing tools at height for the following reasons:
• It does not rely on retractable cords or magnets it just uses a patented* spring loaded mechanical lock.
• It automatically switches connection points when another dock is run through the open slot; the operation is essentially hands free.
• It only requires the short lanyard to go from your hand to your wrist; meaning if the tool is dropped it only falls a short distance.
• The system is fast to use and easy to adapt.
• Docks can easily be added onto standard tool belts, fitted to tool bags or work platforms.
• The system is for usage with tools up to 3kgs and is designed to breakaway (at significant force) if tools become entrapped in structures or machinery.
• It can be adapted to connect to almost any tool via the spring clips and using stainless steel cable ties and/or split rings.



About Rocka Devices

Rocka Devices was founded in early 2010 by Craig Burke who has a background in developing and marketing safety devices for the medical market. He was originally presented with the problem of tethering tools by a colleague in the industrial rope access business. He set out to developed Klinch Tool Tethers and solve this ongoing problem. After several years and a lot of trial and error, rocka devices come up with an indispensible product that will benefit a wide range of industries and people around Australia and the world. Klinch™ tool tethers is the first of many innovative products that we plan to bring to market in the near future. Klinch tool tethers are planned to launch into the UK and US markets next year and also will be sold into parts of Asia. Rocka Devices also has a few new products on the way that should hit the market mid-to-late 2012. 

Our Consultancy Services

In addition to producing and manufacturing our Klinch™ products Rocka Devices also provides consultancy services to innovators and product development companies. We have a vast variety of skills and experience in all the different facets of researching, developing and successfully marketing products, and we enjoy assisting others in bringing their dreams to reality. If you happen to require assistance with developing your products please contact us on 0422 006 227 or at